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Mario Kart Tour’s Winter Tour is Available Now, Featuring New Drivers, Karts, Gliders, Courses, and More

Mario Kart Tour’s Winter Tour has just kicked off, introducing new drivers, karts, gliders, courses, and more.

The Spotlight Character during the first week of the new tour is Mario (Santa), which is Mario dressed up as Santa. In week two, we’ll get Pink Gold Peach.

Mario Kart Tour’s Winter Tour Features Mario Kart DS’s DK Pass Course

Black Shy Guy rounds up the new drivers, while there’s room for five new karts, three new gliders, the DK Pass course from Mario Kart DS, and new challenges.

Those who purchase the Gold Pass will get the Cloud 9 kart, Dry Bowser, and Radish Rider. Free players get Baby Mario, BBIA Parafoil, and the Pipe Buggy.

So head on over to Google Play and update or grab Mario Kart Tour so you can check out the Winter Tour right now.

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