Marvel Duel has Launched, Only in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia

Marvel Duel is an interesting one. It’s part card-battler, part auto-chess and all super shiny Marvel polish. And if you live in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines or Malaysia, then you can pick up the game and give it a go right now.

The game sees you choosing a hero and then building up a deck of other characters, equipment and more to try and take down multiple players. There’s a decent check of strategy here, and some pretty impressive animations to boot.

This being a Marvel game there’s a story about alternate dimensions and multiple versions of the same hero. Oh, and massive villains messing around with things like space and time for their own ends. In other words it’s epic, overblown and full of slightly confusing explosions.

You can check out the SEA release trailer below to get some sort of idea of what to expect from the game. Although there isn’t any actual gameplay to see. But Thor swings his hammer around and that’s pretty cool.

We don’t know when, or even if, Marvel Duel is going to come out in the West. We imagine it will do, though, since Marvel is pretty much the biggest pop-culture phenomenon in the world right now.

We will, of course, let you know more about Marvel Duel when we hear it. You can click here to check out the game’s official website to get even more information on it.

Via Pocket Gamer

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