Marvell Android tablet will stream your movies and games at 1080p… without all the wires

Marvell had some interesting gear at CES and one was an Android tablet that can stream your movies or gaming, minus the wires, onto your HDTV. With almost zero lag, you are able to use the tablet as your game controller for racing games and similar genres via the accelerometer, however, it will do all games of course.

While this is still very much a prototype, functionality is already pretty impressive with almost no lag. The tablet itself will not look like it does in the video of our hands-on and will actually be a lot thinner. There were some of the thin units there but unfortunately they were being used by other people.

The Marvell Tablet will run at 1280×800 resolution on a 10″ screen and will stream 1080p wirelessly to your HDTV (or any other tv you want it to) thanks to the small little black box that connects to your set. This neat tablet is running the Armada 610 cpu inside on Android 2.2 and can be used to play any game that you could install on it and it will have Android Market access.

You can expect to see this tablet land out for public consumption in late 2011 or early 2012 and will more than likely be running a newer version of Android by that time.

Developer Website: Marvell


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