Masayuki Ito Announces Bullet Hell Monday Finale, Out April 13th

Masayuki Ito, developer of the acclaimed bullet hell shooter Bullet Hell Monday, has announced that Bullet Hell Monday Finale will be along on April 13th. 

Like its predecessor, Bullet Hell Monday Finale is a vertically scrolling shooter in which you attempt to navigate an endless barrage of glowing, flashing, multicolored projectiles raking the screen in every conceivable formation.

It’s Based on Bullet Hell Monday Black

The game is made up of various missions, from defeating a certain number of enemies to killing a boss. It’s free-to-play, and there are numerous options for levelling up your craft, increasing shot speed, improving bomb duration, and so on.

For the Bullet Hell Monday aficionados, Finale is based on Bullet Hell Monday Black, which simplifies the “black” system and plays in chapter mode.

It’ll be out the week after next.

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