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Hypnotic Shooter Bullet Hell Monday Finale Blazes onto the Google Play Store

Bullet Hell Monday Finale, from acclaimed shmup developer Masayuki Ito, has arrived on the Google Play Store right on schedule. 

The gameplay sees you piloting a ship vertically in a hypnotic, surreal colorscape of missiles that move across the screen in waves and patterns. It’s the follow-up to Bullet Hell Monday Black.

Masayuki Ito has developed a reputation for challenging yet accessible bullet hell shooters with arresting, vaguely hypnotic visuals.

The original Bullet Hell Monday was positively reviewed when it came out in 2016, thanks not only to its presentation but to its innovative bullet-cancelling gameplay mechanic.

Bullet Hell Monday Finale is free to download with IAPs and ads. You can grab it on Google Play right now

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