Mass Creation releases Doodle Boat action game for you Doodle fans

Fans of the Doodle style games have one more titles to get your hands on now. Coming from developers Mass Creation, who are also responsible for the rather cool game called Draw Slasher (published by Gamelion), their new game for Doodle fans comes in the form of Doodle Boat.

Doodle Boat is an action shooting game where you control your speed boat as you invade a river trying to accomplish a few goal set forth to you in the game. This is wrapped up in the Doodle style of art a lot of people seems to enjoy where everything looks hand drawn and, in this case, cut out of paper.

Doodle Boat Features:

– Cool cartoon graphics
– Different enemy vehicles including fishermen, scooters and speedboats
– Challenging obstacle sets
– Additional unlockable 5 boats
– OpenFeint support: beat the score and blow others out of the water
– Incredibly fun and addictive

There are plenty of goals for you to try and accomplish in each run of the river including:

– Getting the best result
– Going as far as possible and become The Duke of River
– Raiding the beach banks and disturb sun-bathing chicks
– Shooting obstacles and vehicles on the water road
– Collecting coins and buy better boats
– Picking up fuel to go even further

As far as the Doodle style graphics go, Doodle Boat actually has some really nice visuals for a Doodle game. This is definitely a more casual kind of game to play although you can end up sitting there for an hour playing it straight as well. Should you be willing to accept this river invading mission you can do so by download the game off the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: Mass Creation

Android Market Link: Doodle Boat

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