Memento Mori Gives Away Free Rewards To Celebrate Half Anniversary

The featured image for our Memento Mori half anniversary event, featuring a character from the game facing the camera. Next to her is the "Half Anniversary" title card.

Bank Of Innovation has launched the Memento Mori Half Anniversary campaign that celebrates the game’s first six months.

In a Tweet from the game’s official account, the developer announces that freebies and rewards will be up for taking, along with some other surprises which will presumably be revealed throughout the event.

The free rewards in question consist of a new daily log-in event that will award you currency. By playing the half anniversary event, the game enters you in a competition to win up to 100 tickets of the Fleeting. While the game is six months in, these new freebies mark a fantastic time for new players to jump in!

A New Witch Approaches

The Memento Mori Twitter account has made a further announcement, revealing that the developer has added a new character to the game. The character is a witch, and her name is Chiffon.

To promote this, the Memento Mori YouTube channel posted a preview for the new character. The video reveals Chiffon’s full theme song, captioning the lyrics at the bottom of the screen. The developer has set the music to an animation loop of the character. Chiffon kneels on the ground, looking up towards the camera in a bewildered expression, with her staff by her side.

Memento Mori

Memento Mori centres around a group of witches who weild supernatural abilities. Calamity spreads throughout the land, and society grows a new outlook on the witches. Outcast from their former friends and allies, the witches must now survive a world out to get them! Evade the Church Of Longinus’ Witch Hunt, and attempt to push back the new Curses that are causing a raucous within the town.

The game features beautiful artwork, and reviews have since raved about the game’s soundtrack. Each character has their own song unique to them, drawing you in to the game’s world.

Download Memento Mori from Google Play now. If you’re looking for more Memento Mori content, have a read of our Memento Mori tier list.

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