Mobius Final Fantasy gets a new trailer showing off more about the upcoming game

Square Enix has a couple of interesting bits of news today and one of them happens to be a new trailer for their upcoming Mobius Final Fantasy (previously titled Mevius Final Fantasy) game which will be arriving for mobile soon. In this new trailer, which is the first one for this game, Square Enix shows off some of the jobs, characters, and gameplay that will be arriving when the game gets released.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage regarding Mobius Final Fantasy, this is actually a full installment into the franchise, not a spin-off or mini-game that Square Enix had been releasing with the past couple of Final Fantasy titles. This means there is a whole storyline to follow as well as all the features you would expect to see in a full release. This includes multiple skills and abilities to learn/use, lot of gear and items, leveling up characters, and meeting new ones while saving the world in some form or another.

So the jobs that will be available in Mobius Final Fantasy include White Mage, Ranger, Thief, Dark Knight, Hunter, Knight, and Warrior. This may not be all of them either which means there could very well be a lot of party customizing available in this game. This also means that party build will be pretty essential to whether or not you finish the game.

Square Enix release a bunch of details regarding the combat that will be coming with Mobius Final Fantasy, which you can check out in our previous post since it gets a little in-depth. Overall the game does look pretty promising and now that we actually get to see some of the gameplay, we do have to say we are pretty eager to get our hand onto this title. There is still no specific release date for Mobius Final Fantasy nor is there an announced price.

Website Referenced: Siliconera

Official Website: Mavius Final Fantasy

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