Mi-Clos Studios will be releasing a series of update for Out There: Omega Edition called the Multiverse

Developers of the rather popular Out There: Omega Edition game have announced that they have been working and planning a new series of updates that will expand the universe within Out There with each update. The new series of updates is called Multiverse and each one will broaden the entire Out There universe, adding all kinds of new content and features.

Each update will be a ‘Multiverse’ of its own, with the first one being called Cemetery Gates. Each one of these updates will add some of the basic stuff you would find within your general type of game update, such as bug fixes, UI improvements, and so on. They will also bring a bunch of new content, game modes, and other features as well.

Here is what you can expect to find when Multiverse I: Cemetery Gates arrives:

Easy Mode

This is an interesting addition to the game because the ‘Easy Mode’ is something the developers have been against adding. This is mainly due to the fact that the developers believe it would change the whole spirit of the game itself. However, they also understand and think it is a shame some people can’t experience all of the game due to its current level of difficulty. So they have decided to go ahead and add an Easy Mode which should allow people who find the game’s difficulty too much, and so they can make the game easier and experience areas they normally wouldn’t be able to play.

Gas Giant Rings

Since the game’s release, all Gas Giant class planets have not had rings around them. This will soon end with the addition of the Gas Giant Rings. Also, keep in mind that this isn’t just a cosmetic change.

Cemetery Gates Game Mode

The big addition to the game with this update, which is also what the update is named after, is the Cemetery Gates Game Mode. In this mode, you will encounter the last 10 space ships you have lost during previous runs, right where you’ve left them. Players will be able to scavenge the resources that you’ve left inside those ships, or simply take over the ship and continue your adventure from where you left off when you died.

As you can imagine, this opens up a whole slew of new possibilities within the game. For experienced players, this will also help get you further into the game at the beginning of a run. As the developers state: “It will also boost the early game, that is is sometimes slow, as you’ll find more ships around the starting point (remember all those runs prematurely ended because of bad luck?)“.

The Multiverse I: Cemetery Gates update will be arriving for Out There: Omega Edition in the early part of October, although no specific release date has been announced just yet. However, we do know that the updates will be free on both the mobile and PC version of Out There: Omega Edition. If you’re looking to pick this game up, you can do so off of Google Play for $1.99.

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