Day: 5 September 2015


Mi-Clos Studios will be releasing a series of update for Out There: Omega Edition called the Multiverse

Developers of the rather popular Out There: Omega Edition game have announced that they have been working and planning a new series of updates that will expand the universe within Out There with each update. The new series of updates is called Multiverse and each one will broaden the entire Out There universe, adding all kinds of new content and features.


Nintendo has a job opening for a Mobile Games Developer position

Looks like Nintendo is starting to go full swing into their plans to bring some of their franchises to mobile devices soon as the company has posted a new job listing for a Mobile Games Developer position. Thanks to an agreement between Nintendo and DeNA, we will soon be getting some Nintendo franchises to play on our Android devices. Although, if you’ve been following our coverage about the whole partnership, Nintendo hasn’t really revealed what games will be coming to mobile, nor have they mentioned what franchises those will end up being a part of.