Switch between the light and the dark in Asciid, now available for download

BPGames have released a new challenging arcade game called Asciid onto Google Play. Featuring minimalistic retro-style visuals, players will need to switch between the light and the dark in order to avoid hazards and survive for as long as possible.

Players will be put in control of their little stick figure who needs to collect two keys in each level in order to unlock the door and proceed to the next stage. Controls are simple to learn. The right-side of the screen is where you will use your finger to slide up or down. This will either make your character jump, if the direction you’re making a gesture is on the same side, or you will switch to the opposite half of the screen. Left side of the screen is where you will slide your finger left/right to move your character in either direction.

Asciid Features:

– Over 50 Unique Campaign Levels.
– Unlockable New Game+ Mode with randomly generated challenges and infinite combinations!
– Achievements!
– Leaderboards!
– 8-Bit Action.

Don’t let the game’s simplistic look and controls fool you though, after the first few stages to learn everything, Asciid gets progressively more difficult. You will die and your stick figure’s blood will splatter everywhere. There are plenty of different hazard to learn to deal with as well, from moving sawblades to swinging weights on chains, and other goodies to die from.

Asciid is available for download off of Google Play for free and includes optional IAPs as well, manly in the form of extra continues should you want more and don’t feel like waiting. However, you can continue playing even when you run out of continues. You can also earn more continues from watching ads, so you don’t have to spend money if you don’t want to.

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