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Million Lords: Renaissance Update Adds City Skins

Million Lords, the acclaimed real-time strategy MMO from Million Victories, has just received a significant update. So significant that the game is now called Million Lords: Renaissance. 

The 2.1 update adds a new customisation feature for cities, allowing players to jazz them up with skins. New designs will arrive in the in-game shop weekly. 

Million Victories has also tweaked the Recruiter system so that you can see how many troops you’ve got. 

Million Tweaks

The update also brings a number of minor changes designed to improve the overall experience, such as improved push notifications, new tutorials, and more. 

Million Lords currently has a player base of 250,000, which is decent given that it came out last September. It sees lords competing with other players to expand their territory, either alone or with a clan. 

You can download it for free on Google Play.

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