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Minecraft Earth Has Launched in the US in Early Access

Good news, Minecraft fans! Those of you in the US can now get their hands on Minecraft Earth, the latest game in the series.

It plays like a cross between Pokémon GO and Minecraft, with you wandering a blocky version of your real world map gathering resources.

Minecraft Earth Combines the Creation of Minecraft With the Real World Adventuring of Pokémon GO

You’ll then use those resources to craft stuff that you can place on your own buildplate. Building takes place on a tiny Minecraft world that you can stick anywhere in the real world using the power of AR.

You can bring your buildplate with you everywhere you go, and invite your friends to help you build structures on it.

There are also adventures you can participate in for rarer resources, and to battle monsters and do other Minecraft stuff.

So head on over to Google Play right now and check out this brand new AR take on Minecraft.

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