[Updated] Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.9.0 snapshot is now out, here is the whole list of features added

The massively long wait for the 0.9.0 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition is now finally over. Mojang has just pushed the snapshot update onto Google Play and people should start seeing it become available in the a few minutes. If you haven’t been following what will be coming with this update, we have the full list of goodies here for you to check out.

Update July 10th, 2014 7:44am PST: The official release of the 0.9.0 update is now available on Google Play for all of you who have been waiting patiently. If you don’t see it right away, just give it a couple of minutes as it propagates through Google Play.

So without further delay on our part, here’s the massive list of goodies coming in the 0.9.0 update:

New features

– Unlimited worlds!
– New culling algorithm
– New culling of clouds
– Tile entities are saved differently
– New falling mechanics for gravel and sand
– New insta ticking of water and lava

New blocks

– Podzol
– Mycelium
– Huge mushroom blocks
– Cocoa
– End portal frame
– Double plants
– More stairs/slabs for new wood types
– New log types (savanna tree and dark oak)
– New leafs (savanna tree)
– Monster egg
– Stained clay
– Waterlily
– New flowers
– Red sand
– Hardened clay
– End stone
– Granite
– Diorite
– Andesite
– Emerald block
– Emerald ore
– New leveldb based saving format
– New entity handling
– New crafting screen
– Remade network code (mostly the same packages but new system).
– New interact button (to make the game easier for new players)

New mobs

– Slimes
– Endermen
– Wolves
– Mooshrooms
– Silverfish

New and updated biomes

– Deserts
– Extreme hills
– Forests
– Redwood taiga
– Roofed forests
– Frozen
– Jungle
– Savanna
– Mesa
– Mushroom island
– Taiga
– Deep ocean
– Swamps

New world feature generation

– Sand
– Boulders
– Ice patch
– Ice spike
– Spike
– Lake
– Double plants
– Ground bushes
– Fancy oaks
– Jungle tree
– Mega jungle tree
– Mega pine tree
– Savanna tree
– Swamp tree
– Huge mushroom
– Tallgrass
– Waterlily
– Vines
– Melons
– Pumpkin
– Dead bush
– Monster rooms
– Desert well
– Fallen logs
– Emerald ore

Tweaks to caves

– Lava at the bottom of caves
– Caves in desert and mesa
– Strongholds
– Villages
– Villagers
– Abandoned mine shafts
– Flat world generation
– Limited world generation
– “New” mob spawning
– Updated light generation
– Grass color for different biomes
– Foliage color for different biomes
– Water color for swamps

New AI

– Spiders
– New leaf rendering
– Added more spawn eggs in Creative Mode
– Added immersive mode for Android
– Added drip particles for water and lava
– Updated create world screen

Tweaks and bug fixes

– Correct name for stairs, slabs and spawn eggs
– Beds no longer gives full health in normal difficulty
– Smooth lighting added for:
– Beds
– Fences
– Walls
– Cobwebs
– Chests
– Leaves
– Smooth lighting removed for:
– Glowstone
– Glass
– Jack ‘o’ lanterns
– Improved performance of TNT
– Prettier clouds
– The fog is darker underground

Known Bugs

– The block highlight flickers (z-fights) when more than 10k blocks distant from spawn
– Changing the view distance while in a world might crash the game
– If players walk too far from each other in multiplayer, they can’t see each other

Known bugs requiring attention

– Multiplayer is a bit fragile. Please test it and report all issues to us!
– The LevelDB save format + upgrading of old maps. Please report any data corruption!
– Crashes in general – uncommon and random crashes might still happen

As you can see this update is massive, almost bringing it on par with the PC version of Minecraft. If you don’t see the update right away, just give it a few minutes as it is still propagating through the Google Play Store.

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