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Angeldust crafting MMO released onto Google Play in early access form

Angeldust is a new quirky MMO out now for Android devices. Looking for a unique crafting MMO? Then Angeldust might be right up your alley. For starters, Angeldust has no quests or story line. It is a fully rendered 3d open world game with a cel shaded look akin to Borderlands. An interesting feature of the game is that it is playable across multiple platforms. Android phones, tablets and PC’s are all connected in this world. You could play on your phone, then log in with your PC and everything would be the same. Or you could be playing on your tablet while your friend was playing on a PC. It all works just fine. Once you create an account, you can go to the Angeldust website and customize your character.


Craft and barter your way out of starvation in PixelTerra, now out on Google Play

Released by Anton Skvortsov, PixelTerra is a new crafting and survival game for the Android platform. In this game, players will be assuming the role of a nameless character, who is simply seeking to eek out an existence that is challenged by things like hunger, exposure, and even monsters. Beyond just survival the horrors that alternate on the game’s day/night cycle, players will pass the time by hunting and fishing, as well as crafting at different levels.


The Sandbox Evolution Update brings Lemmings-style gameplay tomorrow

Dear readers, I pose a question to you. What’s better than a fine game? A developer of a fine game that cares enough to keep it fresh! Sorry if I didn’t give you an opportunity to answer there, I’m excitable. Today We have a darling that we’ve reported on previously here, The Sandbox Evolution. Developers PIXOWL INC. have a release on deck that brings a new gameplay mode, Human Clones. Your poor humans are industrious and stupid, and only through your prescient intervention do they have a chance.


Pixbits announces the Android version of their sandbox game Junk Jack is coming soon

To be released by Pixbits, Junk Jack is a 2D crafting game, riffing on the idea of Minecraft. In this game, players will get to customize what their character looks like, with options that include gender, hair, skin tone, and more. Characters start the game by trying to harvest resources from the immediate surroundings, which would include wood, stone, and more, from the forest. Other biomes include forests that grow completely under ground, and even Egyptian tombs, or rivers and lakes full of water, or flows of lava and pools of acid.