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Disney officially announces Disney Infinity, a toy-based cross-platform sandbox gaming platform

Disney just finished holding their press event this afternoon where they have officially announced something they have been hinting at for the past few month: Disney Infinity. This is a rather huge project from Disney that is going to be a massive cross-platform sandbox gaming platform that breaks past the barriers of digital platforms and invades toys as well. Think Skylanders but on a much more massive and interactive, ever expanding scale.

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Retro style sandbox game called Pixel Quest RPG combines old school RPG with sandbox gaming

A rather interesting game has been released onto Google Play today from MMz Tech called Pixel Quest RPG. What makes this game fairly unique and interesting is the concept for it which is essentially a combination of old school RPGs (think Final Fantasy) with TCG style mechanics and the sandbox style of games like Minecraft where you can craft and build items.

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Space Physics Review

Camel Games is one of the premiere physics-based Android developers around. Space Physics, an addictive title by Camel Games, is no exception to this rule. Expect this game to keep you entertained (and thinking!) for a long while and feed you some cool neon graphics for your eyes to enjoy while you play!