Day: 2 January 2013


Rogue-like dungeon crawler Dungelot arrives on Google Play

A new rogue-like dungeon crawler has arrived for Android called Dungelot. Developed by Red Winter Software, this rather unique style of dungeon crawler has players flipping over tiles as they search for the key which will allow them to escape the level they are currently on safely. As you flip tiles, you’ll also reveal either loot or monsters you will need to fight.


Naught Game Review: All for Naught

Naught, a nifty looking side-scroller by Blue Shadow Games will have you twisting your way through many different levels in the hopes of grabbing diamonds and seeds. The controls are relatively fun. You can choose to use the accelerometer or buttons on the screen to tilt the landscape, forcing your little black and white dude to move one way or the other. At first the controls feel clunky or poorly tuned. It took me a while to try out all three control styles — my favorite eventually becoming the on-screen pair of buttons — before I felt comfortable. It’s a neat mechanic but it’s essentially the same game we’ve seen before.You’ll recognize the gimmick pretty quickly, but not until after you’ve had some fun working through some different levels.


Popular Xbox Live indie game Fez to arrive on new platforms this year

There is no guarantee that this will arrive on Android or anything like that but the developers of the popular Xbox Live indie game called Fez have revealed that the game will be making its way to multiple other platforms this year. A post by Polytron, the developers of Fez, they announce that they are working on bringing the game to multiple new platforms and that it was rather dumb of them to only release on Xbox Live.