Retro style sandbox game called Pixel Quest RPG combines old school RPG with sandbox gaming

A rather interesting game has been released onto Google Play today from MMz Tech called Pixel Quest RPG. What makes this game fairly unique and interesting is the concept for it which is essentially a combination of old school RPGs (think Final Fantasy) with TCG style mechanics and the sandbox style of games like Minecraft where you can craft and build items.

While you explore the world inside of Pixel Quest RPG, you will be able to collect materials in order to build better items whether it be a weapon, armor or something else. However, if you’ve played a lot of old school RPG titles from back in the day, then the entire feel of the game will be familiar up until you get into the TCG (Trading Card Game) mechanics which happens during battles.

Since Pixel Quest RPG has a huge flair for the retro, you can expect to see plenty of pixel art to enjoy while you wander around the world, defeating monsters and exploring dungeons. What is also rather good is that the developers plan to keep updating the game on a regular basis with more content.

If you’re ready to travel back in time to the days when you used to play old school RPG titles on the older console systems, but with the added bonus of some of the newer gameplay mechanics from this era, then you might want to check out Pixel Quest RPG. It’ll set you back a mere $0.99 right now which is the introductory sale (50% off) for a limited time.

Google Play Link: Pixel Quest RPG

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