Day: January 15, 2013

Game News

Disney officially announces Disney Infinity, a toy-based cross-platform sandbox gaming platform

Disney just finished holding their press event this afternoon where they have officially announced something they have been hinting at for the past few month: Disney Infinity. This is a rather huge project from Disney that is going to be a massive cross-platform sandbox gaming platform that breaks past the barriers of digital platforms and invades toys as well. Think Skylanders but on a much more massive and interactive, ever expanding scale.

Game News

More Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.5.1 update news: Armor probably coming and new blocks for Creative Mode

Every time we near a Minecraft: Pocket Edition update we tend to see more news rolling out via Twitter and the developers on there that happen to be working on the game. Just as we posted yesterday about what we know is confirmed for the next 0.5.1 update, more details came to light right after that. So let’s recap what we now know including new details regarding the next Minecraft: Pocket Edition update.

Hardware News

Have an old Game Boy laying around? Convert it into an Android gamepad

Who doesn’t love a good DIY project that you can undertake with little more than old stuff you might have laying around the house? For those of you who have been mobile gaming since the days of the original Game Boy and now have jumped to Android in this more recent era, this little project might be right up your alley if you still have that old Game Boy sitting around the house.

Game News

Battery Powered Games officially launches their game engine called BatteryTech

We don’t get to talk about new game development engines very often which is mostly due to the fact that there isn’t really a whole lot of new game engines coming out on any sort of consistent basis. However today marks an exception to that fact as we get to talk about a new cross-platform game engine called BatteryTech from the fine folks over at Battery Powered Games.