In Darkness arrives giving you more zombie killing action and puzzles too

For those of you who don’t own enough zombie games already you will be happy to know there is another one now available on Google Play called In Darkness. Developed by SimpleGamesStudio, this new zombie game is set in a first-person perspective but it isn’t just about mowing down as many zombies as you can.

In Darkness is more of a survival/escape type of game that also lets you shoot down zombies while you attempt to find your way to safety. You will need to solve puzzles, collect items and keys, look for clues and eventually live long enough to get to safety.

You won’t be seeing daylight until you manage to find your way out of the pit you’ve managed to find yourself in. While the game isn’t the greatest visually or the most original on the market, considering it only costs a dollar you can’t really go wrong if you need a quick fix on zombie killing mixed with puzzle solving. There is also a demo you can try out for free before buying into the full version for $1.00.

Thanks to Max for the tip!

Google Play Link: In Darkness

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