Minecraft: Pocket Edition version 0.11.0 Beta 6 is now available for download

For those of you participating in the beta testing group for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, there is a new version available for download today. This update, which is tagged as version 0.11.0 beta 6, comes with two new features and a bunch of bug fixes. Are there skin packs yet? No would be the answer to that question. However, you will want to update your copy of MCPE beta anyways.

So what comes with the beta 6 update? Here’s the official changelog to check out:

New features:
– Items can be swapped on the selection bar
– Skin selection player model rotation

still enjoying the boats

Bug fixes:
– Fixed items in chest not saving when quitting
– Creative/survival mode change works again
– Always Day switch works again
– Edited world names are now saved
– Corrected entity duplication in multiplayer
– Spawned players will now have the correct rotation without interpolation
– Creative list was incorrect sometimes after connecting to a server
– Fixed a cause of lag on the world list under slow networks
– Fixed possible attacks by servers on server list
– Fixed crash after death and respawning multiple times
– Fixed crash when disconnecting from server
– Riding non-existent entities on multiplayer could crash the game
– Bubble meter no longer gets reset on death screen

If you are a part of the beta group, this new version is available off of Google Play for download now. If you are not a part of the beta, and want to be, just hit up our previous article about the 0.11.0 beta for instructions on how to join. There is still no official release date for version 0.11.0, but it is turning out to be a pretty great update.

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