Minecraft Structures: More awesome retro gaming structures and a baby with a Tommy Gun.

Thanks to Minecraft: Pocket Edition coming onto all other Android devices, we have had quite the fun time posting these builds that people are sending us. Hell we should have started this back when it was Xperia Play exclusive. Today we have some fresh new builds to show off with some more gaming themed love.

These builds were sent in by one of our readers, Brian. He’s got quite the flare for building gaming themed structures which seems to be the popular thing to build in Minecraft on any platform. Probably since they look so good. Here’s Brian’s structures he sent us in no particular order:


In case you don’t recognize what they are, they are the Red Ghost from Pac-Man (Blinky), Headcrab from Half-Life, NES Controller and a “Baby with a Tommy Gun”. We do have a soft spot for the giant “Baby with a Tommy Gun” build he sent us which, in all honesty, is just plain awesome. Especially since the baby is firing the gun and that was pulled off pretty damn good to make it look like he was, right down to the shell casings flying out of the Tommy Gun. Awesome job on these Brian.

For the rest of you mobile Minecrafters out there, feel free to send us your impressive structures or Minecraft art built in-game using an Android device and we will add it to the gallery we are building. When you send your pictures, be sure to include a little description of what it is and future plans for it (if any). You can send your screenshots and info to 702records [at] gmail [dot] com and we will feature them on the site. If you want to do a tour in a video, you can send that to us as well whether through email or your can dropbox it. If you send us the raw video file we can syndicate it throughout all our video channels including here on the site.

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