Minitropolis from ZQGame also will have a closed beta starting soon

In our previous article about Movie Studio Story from ZQGame going into a closed beta testing phase soon and that sign-ups were starting today, we briefly mentioned a second game that would also be going into closed beta from ZQGame. That new game is called Minitropolis.

As the story goes in Minitropolis, you won the National Hot Dog Eating Championships and because of this new found fame you logically think to yourself “Why don’t I become Mayor?”. With that said, you end up running for, and winning, the Mayoral elections, becoming mayor of your own Minitropolis. Makes perfect sense to us.

This particular game is a blend of puzzle and city-building gameplay. Essentially, you will play this in a similar fashion to a match-3 Puzzle-RPG. While you are building up your city, you will need resources. To get these resources, players will need to “match, burst and link various puzzles to earn resources to build their town”. So it is a bit of a different way to play a city-building game.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any more details than that right now as ZQGame hasn’t revealed anything further. However, the closed beta sign-ups for Minitropolis are basically the same. Just head over to the closed beta sign-up page to sign up, and if you are selected you will get an invite in your email. You’ll also be entered in to the giveaway for a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

Please note: At the time of writing this, all beta sign-up pages are down. We are waiting for them to go live today and will post an update when they do. We will also add screenshots when they become available.

Official Website: Minitropolis Closed Beta sign-up

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