Day: 8 September 2015


[Update: Released] Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.12.0 update won’t be happening today, but this week is still possible

Mojang has been working on the next big release for Minecraft: Pocket Edition for a bit now. If you’re a part of the beta testing group, then you’ve already been enjoying a lot of the new cool features coming with the 0.12.0 update. The crew working on the update have been keeping everyone updated as to when we can expect to get our hands on the new update officially. Last week it was planned to have it out today, but that has unfortunately changed.


Lost Pixels is a new puzzle game that tests both reaction time and brain power

Lost Pixels by Revolution Fist is a new puzzle game that aims to challenge both a player’s reaction time and their intelligence as well. While this game comes with 45 levels to work your way through, there also happens to be player created content you can download and play through. Originally released on August 28th, it has flown under the radar since its release unfortunately.