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MMOAuctions has just launched a Kickstarter

What makes a good trading site? Is it security? Responsive design? Accessibility? Free listings? Well, new Kickstarter project has all of those things, plus one killer angle: it’s made exclusively for gamers. may only just have arrived on Kickstarter, but it’s been in development since early 2016. Since then its 12-person team, from Poland and the UK, has experimented with numerous concepts and designs to create the perfect geeky trading environment, away from the murky, confusing world of shady websites and forums.

One of the main selling points is the six-step verification process, including phone ID and bank verification. This should reassure you that you’re dealing with a real person and not a fraudster. Also, will filter out any VPN, proxy, TOR, etc. users.

Kickstarter launched

The most interesting security feature of all, however, is the company’s own proprietary Scamkiller. Built on a database of information from various websites and forums, Facebook groups, and Discord channels, Scamkiller is a huge registry of online fraudsters that any user will be able to peruse for free. There are 28,000 entries already, and the registry is growing longer every day, making the safest way to complete a gaming transaction.

The design of is modern without being flashy. It all looks very clean, with nice big buttons and intuitive navigation for creating listings and searching for stuff to buy. Everything is sorted into categories, and there are even sections for boardgames and trading card games in case you don’t want to be restricted to trade in purely digital goods. uses responsive design, so it always looks great no matter what device you’re viewing it on, and we understand a free mobile app is currently in development.

There’s not much a free website can offer in the way of Kickstarter pledge rewards, but the team at have managed to come up with some interesting incentives.

If you pledge at the $1 Adventurer tier you’ll get early access to the website and a Discord invitation, while higher tiers also get badges, premium account time, and promotion for their listings. On top of that, backers at each pledge tier (except Adventurer) get to have their profile pages changed to match their backer level. For example, Berserker tier users get savage profile art with matching colours, and so on.

Incidentally, customising your profile is a great way of maintaining your existing branding on this new platform.

Whether you’re a gamer who wants to safely trade goods, an online store looking for ways to expand your reach, or a collector who’s tired of navigating the grimy world of trading videogame items online, could well be cause for celebration. Not only is it intuitive and user-friendly, but it’s completely secure.

Visit the project’s Kickstarter page to make a pledge or learn more now!



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