Mobage wants you to have free MobiCoin this holiday season

We just can’t help but keep rolling out the free stuff this holiday season. We have teamed up with Mobage to offer anyone who has an account and plays Mobage enabled games a chance to win free MobiCoin which is the in-game currency used to buy extra items and power-ups in their games among other things.

Of course you know how we roll, we don’t do anything half assed, except for our spelling sometimes in the morning, that can be a bit rough. So we are not just going to give away $5 or $20 worth of MobiCoin, the universal in-game currency used in all the Mobage enabled games. Oh no we are not even going to give you $50. Instead we are going to give away five (5) prizes worth $125 each of MobiCoin to use as you see fit. That is a lot of MobiCoin, 7,900 in fact.

So how do you enter this? It’s easy. Mobage is promoting their new Twitter account and so they have teamed up with us to do just that. As you probably have guessed by that, it’s a Twitter giveaway! Here is all you have to do to be entered:

1) Follow the new Mobage Twitter account

2) Just Tweet something witty to them such as @Mobage I want MobiCoin so I can feel rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams! #gimmieMobicoin

That’s it! We will be picking the five (5) winners randomly on December 28th, 2011 at 3:00PM PST time. You must have a Mobage account, whether you currently have one or go get one right now doesn’t matter but you need one otherwise you can’t get your prize. While you can tweet as many times as you like, only one will count.

This is a great prize especially if you plan on playing one (or both) of their upcoming games currently in beta called DragonCraft and Skyfall. Pretty sure these guys don’t realize how crazy our readers tend to be so they won’t be expecting all the tweets, should be fun! Good luck!

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