Mobile gamers will finally be getting a Pokemon game soon called Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

Well, we never thought this day would happen when we would be announcing an official Pokemon game for mobile, but apparently it looks like it finally will be happening. Today the Pokemon Company has announced that they will be releasing Pokemon Shuffle Mobile onto mobile devices soon. This is a step in the right direction even though it isn’t the type of Pokemon game most people are hoping for.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is more of a Puzzle-RPG title than a true Pokemon game, and by that we mean going out and finding Pokemon, trailing them and battling other players’ Pokemon. In this game players will still be battling wild Pokemon but this will happen in a more Puzzle-RPG style, matching three or more of the same Pokemon in order to deal damage to your opponent. If you get into a more difficult stage, you’ll be able to use Mega-Evolved Pokemon in battle.

If this game sounds familiar, it is because Pokemon Shuffle was actually released onto the Nintendo 3DS, and went on to be downloaded 4.3 million times off of Nintendo’s eShop. If you’re a Pokemon fans it won’t matter that this is a Puzzle-RPG, only that it is a Pokemon game for mobile devices. Hopefully we see a more Pokemon-style mobile game arrive in the future. When Pokemon Shuffle Mobile launches, it will be available for download and play for free. As for when this game will launch, all the company has said is that it will be happening ‘soon’.

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