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Mole Miner Level Pack Available

Mole Miner from Little Fluffy Toys LTD, a game where you are a mole collecting gems in various mazes with obstacles, has released a new level pack available on the market.

The level pack contains 24 new levels by Michael S. Repton, the author of Mole Miner’s Puzzle Challenge, and features “gorgeous new graphics and game features”.


What’s really cool is this, if you buy the level pack then you won’t need to buy the upgrade version of mole miner (if you are using the free one currently). This gives you unlimited access to all the base levels in mole miner plus all the community levels as well. The upgrade version also comes with a level designer so you can make levels and submit them for everyone to play but I don’t think that comes with the level pack so if you are going from Free version to a paid version, you might want to consider the upgrade to get the level design if you want to make your own levels.

This is a pretty entertaining game even in it’s free version but if you feel like supporting the developer, you now have two options to chose from. If you haven’t given this game a try, then go get the free version and test it out. Make sure you have space on your phone though, this game in it’s free version comes in at a good sized 5.8MB installed.

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