Monster Juice releases Monster Cube, a very different type of match-3 game

Monster Juice has released their first game onto Android in the form of a match-3 puzzle game called Monster Cube. However, this is definitely one of the more unique and, at times, challenging match-3 games to arrive onto the Google Play store.

Instead of having the usual playing field that a match-3 puzzle game generally comes with, Monster Cube is a 3D cube that is made up of smaller monster cubes. What you will need to do is remove the smaller cubes, placing them in different spots with the hopes of matching 3 or more of the same kind of small cubes. This eliminated them from the playing field which, as you may be guessing, can be rotated on all three axis since it is a cube.

Monster Cube Features:

● Dozens of fun unique missions.
● Combos, Point boosters, and Fever Modes to tap into to pump up your score to epic levels.
● Interactive online leaderboards
● A Facebook Page where you can see the weekly highscore from players of all over the world and an awesome Hall of Fame. Check out from which platform gamers are playing and which of both is racking up the highest score!

Of course like any good match-3 game, there are combos, point boosters and other power-ups at your disposal to help crank up your score even more. For those of you interested in trying out Monster Cube, there is a free version for you to try out before you decide to buy the full game which will set you back a measly $0.99.

Developer Website: Monster Juice

Google Play Link: Monster Cube

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