Monument Valley 2 is super cheap on Android

Monument Valley 2 Android

Black Friday rapidly approaches and with it arrives a ton of sales that will help you spend all of your money during the run up to Christmas. Starting with Monument Valley 2.

This excellent puzzler is going for a fraction of its usual price at just shy of a dollar, which is an absolute steal for a game of this calibre.

Monument Valley 2 is a groundbreaking mobile puzzler

This sequel follows a mother and child as they set off on an adventure through a world inspired by the works of Escher.

You have to solve puzzles by moving the world around to create pathways for the pair to navigate. You might even use it to remove a few obstacles from your path too.

Even if you don’t like puzzlers you should really get your hands on Monument Valley 2. So go ahead and grab it for a ridiculously low price right now on Google Play.

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