More news about WildTangent’s game service that is coming to Android

Fresh news today regarding the upcoming WildTangent game service that will be heading to Android through a partnership with T-Mobile. It seems as though some major game companies have already jumped on board with this new service. Ready to buy Wildcoins?

WildTangent is a service that lets you buy games using their own currency, WildCoins. However, before buying a game you can always try it out and the game are generally reasonably priced, for the PC anyways. Most seem to be between $5.99-10.99 with the average being $6.99. Obviously this pricing won’t apply to Android games that they offer.

With that said, some big companies have already jumped on board with WildTangent and this new game service such as Glu, Halfbrick and GameHouse. With the WildCoins and this service on Android though, you’ll be able to use them to purchase in-game items and rent games as well should you not want to outright buy them. WildTangent is gearing up for launch sometime later this year with T-Mobile. For full details you can check out the whole press release below.

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WildTangent Collaborates With Glu, GameHouse and Halfbrick for Upcoming Android Games Launch

New Service Will Offer Unprecedented Choices Including Free Play and Rental for All Games

REDMOND, WA — July 20, 2011— WildTangent is announcing today that its upcoming Android games service will include games from top mobile developers Glu, GameHouse and Halfbrick. Consumers have the unique choice to play the premium versions of these developers’ games for free first with advertising, rent them for a fraction of the retail price and purchase the titles they want to own. Every rental applies quickly toward ownership.

“Our mobile Android game service will be incredible for both developers and game players,” said Sean Vanderdasson, senior vice president at WildTangent. “Consumers can finally play every quality game that interests them, without the limiting requirement to purchase the game first; and developers will finally earn real revenues from their titles from premium advertising, rental, and purchase options.”

Vanderdasson continued, “Our years of experience, and success with these options on the PC, have given us the critical experience necessary to be successful with players on Android devices. We know they will greatly enjoy the games from such top developers as Glu, Halfbrick and GameHouse.”

“We are excited to bring some of our premium titles to WildTangent’s Android games service,” said Sandy Green, director of sales at GameHouse. “It means that more fans can try and buy great games like Collapse and Tiki Towers on more Android devices.”

Games such as Fruit Ninja, Cake Mania and Collapse! are some of the titles to be in the service. Designed to appeal to game players of all types and interests, the games catalogue will launch with a strong variety of popular games and will continually add new, quality games that will be easy to discover and play.

WildTangent represents a wide global audience of passionate gamers. We at Glu are driven to connect with mobile gamers everywhere and we are pleased to offer a few of our most popular premium titles to their Android users,” said Adam Flanders, General Manager North America, Glu.

WildTangent will offer its WildCoins virtual currency within the service for rental and in-game item purchase. WildTangent’s BrandBoost advertising platform will also be incorporated, providing consumers with free game rentals and in-game items.

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