More Xperia Play News: Possible US pricing, Glu pricing on games, White version exclusively at O2

We thought there wouldn’t be much more news aside from some game pricing to come out regarding the Xperia Play but apparently we were wrong. We have got a bunch more news regarding this Android gaming device, some of which we are posting in a nice little round-up here in this post so keep on reading to find out what!

Our friends over at Eurodroid have found out that there will be a white version of the Xperia Play available and as of right now, it will be exclusively available in the UK on O2. It also comes with a matching white dock which makes the entire package look pretty nice. While not normally a fan of white phones, the Xperia Play does come off looking pretty slick in white. As with the normal version of the Xperia Play, pricing is still bouncing around between £499.99 and £539.99 depending on where you look.


Glu has also announced how it will be pricing their games for the Xperia Play and we think everyone will be happy with this little bit of news. According to PocketGamer, Glu has said the pricing of their Xperia Play games will be the same as the normal Android versions that are on the market right now. So if you paid $8 for Guitar Hero 6 on your Android phone, you’ll be paying the same price for the Xperia Play version. If you paid $1-$3 for their other titles, expect to pay the same as well for the Xperia Play versions. It seems like everyone so far is happy keeping their prices in the sub-$10 range as we mentioned a long time ago would happen.

Speaking of pricing, it seems that we may have found out the retail value of the Xperia Play thanks to a competition over in Italy where they are giving some out as prizes, listing the retail value at £499.99 and $400 in the US which is excellent news if this is true. The price point of $400 here in the US will make this very affordable to most Android users wanting an Xperia Play whether they want to buy it full price without contract or subsidized from a carrier which could bring the price below $199 on a two-year contract (which is pretty standard pricing). We did find out that Expansys is offering the Xperia Play on their site for £539.99 in the UK earlier this week.

So with how the pricing is going for the Xperia Play games and the actual unit, are any of our readers now seriously considering getting one?

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