Moto X Mayhem – ADC2 winner finally makes it to the Android Market

One of the winning games in the Action/Arcade category in the Android Developers Challenge #2 back in late 2009 was Moto X Mayhem. After winning 3rd place and a cool $25,000 in prize money, nothing but a gentle breeze game from the developer regarding the game being released. Project was thought to be dead… or was it?

Out of nowhere, Moto X Mayhem is now available on the Android Market. This game is actually pretty crazy and fun to play and the ragdoll physics make landing incorrectly even better. You’ll be able to climb up huge hills and launch massive jumps, landing properly or not. When you do land, a neat little touch of graphic details happens when the shocks move to ‘cushion’ your landing.


  • Ragdoll Physics
  • Working bike shocks
  • Accelerometer controls your rider’s lean
  • Fun and challenging terrains
  • Great graphics
  • Share scores on Facebook and on online scoreboards


Should you fall off your bike, you’ll get a 1 second penalty added to your time. However, if you do not care about your time, you can use your finger and toss your rider all around while he is off his bike. You can also do that while he is on it should you have the need to toss his bike around with him. Poor guy.

You can pick up this entertaining game off the Android Market… finally… for $1.98. No idea why it took so long to be released but we certainly aren’t complaining now that it is out.

Thanks to Charan Singh for the tip!

Developer Website: Occamy Games

Direct Market Link: Moto X Mayhem

Click QR Code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRMotoXM.png{/rokbox}

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