Motorola Tegra 2 phone confirmed – first real gaming phone?

So the rumored Droid Tegra 2 phone, or Droid T2 as it has been dubbed, has been confirmed by Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha at GDC 2011 Online (Austin, TX). This little tidbit of awesomeness was scored by Taylor over at Android and Me who happens to be attending the conference. With a Tegra 2 inside, this could be a true Android gaming phone.

I know full well, for a fact, there are Android Tegra 2 tablets in the wild right now. Hell, we even have a video of one showing Dungeon Defenders ported to Android and being tested. Even had a nVidia Engineer who works with Tegra 2 confirm it for me. Now that confirmation of a Motorola/Verizon Tegra 2 phone is on its way, and by the holidays apparently, there is a lot to be excited about.

Although Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha mentioned it might have to be pushed to early 2011, the fact that this sort of Android device is coming in the very near future is great. Top that off with Unreal Engine making its way to Android as well and things just look even brighter for Android gaming. Unreal Engine is coming regardless of whether Epic Vice-President and Co-Founder Mark Rein does or doesn’t want to say it outright. It’s been demoed, Dungeon Defenders was built with it and it was discussed/shown at VDCC this past month.

While the specs of the Droid T2, as we will also call it, are completely unknown thanks to Motorola’s new NDAs flying around, it is rumored to have a screen size less then 4.3″. That’s fine as it could help with rendering. What is almost mandatory that this phone needs to come with… a physical keyboard.

If this phone drops onto the market and does have a physical keyboard, it could make a world of difference for gamers. Now don’t get me wrong – I game just fine on my Nexus One and most games now have touch controls anyway, but a keyboard would make it even sweeter.

However, until more information is released about the phone specs, we can only guess at what they will be and celebrate the fact that it is at least confirmed. I have a feeling it’ll have a new CPU speed we haven’t see yet as well.

Website Referenced: Android and Me

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