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VDCC: Unreal Engine and Android – More Proof

VDC (Verizon Developer Community) Conference just ended and we happen to attend it looking for any little tidbits of information that we could find. While not expecting anything groundbreaking at VDCC we did however dig up some juicy information regarding a few items. One of which was right in the opening session on the first day.

Verizon does not have an iPhone, this we all know, at least not right now but according to other news it should be sometime next year. Great but that’s not what we focus on here nor was that the focus on anything, at all, at VDCC. In fact the iPhone (and Apple in general) was never mentioned at all just the usually RIM, Blackberry, Android and whatever else they carry.

With that in mind, during the opening session on the first day a higher up in the food chain over at nVidia came on stage to talk a bit about Tegra 2 and game development for mobile phones, specifically Android (with Tegra 2 chips of course) since RIM/BlackBerry can’t really handle high-end 3D gaming. During this talk the gentleman from nVidia brought up middleware for game development and most, if not all, listed in his slide is also listed on this site in the resource section. That is except for one….

Hey look it’s Unreal Engine in that list! Well if that pretty much doesn’t just put the icing on the cake regarding whether or not Unreal Engine is coming to Android then I don’t know what will. The tweets from Epic’s CEO Mark Rein are pretty clear about it already running on Samsung Android devices plus we dug up in an older tweet a video showing Dungeon Defenders, made with Unreal Engine, playing on a Tegra 2 Android tablet.

Dear Epic, Please just make it official regarding Android support in Unreal Engine already! It would be greatly appreciated! Signed: DroidGamers and the Android community

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