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[Updated] Amazon puts the LG G2 phone on sale for $199 off-contract for a limited time

We don’t usually post about Android devices going on sale mainly because there are plenty of other sites out there that cover this sort of thing. However once in awhile there is a sale so good we just have to post about it and that happens to be the case today with LG’s G2 Android phone on Amazon going for $199 for a limited time. Did we mention this is the VerizonĀ and AT&T’s off-contract price?


[Updated] DroidLanding Twitter account active, D:Com game tied to new promo and now leaked

So over the past day the DroidLanding Twitter account became active once again and as of yesterday had been teasing an augmented reality game that is tied to this year’s promotion that the DroidLanding Twitter account is doing. The game, called D:Com, is on Google Play but isn’t available for download just yet. However a leaked version of the game is now available today.


A new Droid Razor MAXX HD ad shows off Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 logo

Well what do we have here? A new Verizon ad for the Droid Razor MAXX HD phone has a neat little picture on it that you gamers out there may be interested in. Back in November of last year, we reported on the fact that Capcom was apparently working on bringing Lost Planet 2 to Android but in that article we were under the impression it would be coming to Tegra 3 devices first. Well it seems that it will be arriving on a Snapdragon based device first instead, that being the Droid Razor MAXX HD.