Day: 18 October 2012


The Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour wishlist: Things we would like

In terms of mobile gaming, its no secret that Gameloft’s Modern Combat series is THE definitive first person military shooter (read our review for Modern Combat 3). While it can’t be argued that the French-based developers took major liberty with its inspirator, Modern Warfare, Modern Combat is so well crafted that you can’t help but feel impressed with the scope of its emulation. Now that Gameloft has finally revealed the fourth installment (along with a few tidbits) in the franchise, we’ve crafted a list on the top five things we’d hopefully to see on Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.


Preview of 2 player co-op gameplay in OrangePixel’s upcoming game Gunslugs

OrangePixel are almost a household name when it comes to cool little retro games to play on your Android device and their next title is a little action arcade game where you go through each level shooting the living hell out of everything. Well we shouldn’t say levels, it’s actually one level where you try to survive as long as possible. However, each time you play the game, the level you play on is randomly generated so it is as though there are multiple levels to play through.


Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe to deliver bite sized chaos Oct. 31st on Playstation Mobile

A new game is heading to Playstation Mobile from Happion Laboratories called Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe. This little gem of a game has actually received quite a bit of praise from the gaming industry already with its original version. Featuring a mix of retro and 3D graphics, Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe is a very fast-paced arcade game where you are given one minute to cause as much destruction as possible.


Need for Speed: Most Wanted gets a great new live action trailer and a release date

One of the more anticipated racing games heading to Android soon is Electronic Arts’ Need for Speed: Most Wanted. This will be the newest addition to the series and Electronic Arts has already teased us with a couple of trailers that show in-game footage. Well now we have a live action trailer, which is rather funny, where we get to see a bunch of cars we wish we could afford to buy or at least drive. Along with that though we now have a more solid release date for when Need for Speed: Most Wanted will be arriving.


Square Enix’s Chaos Rings will now accept that rooted device of yours

Well it looks like we can finally wrap up another chapter in the world of developers restricting rooted devices from their games, and then turning around and reversing it due to the sheer amount of people wanting to punch someone at the company in the throat for suggesting that they should do that. Last week we reported on the fact that Square Enix had confirmed a patch would be rolling out in an update that would finally allow rooted Android users to download and play Chaos Rings.


A new Droid Razor MAXX HD ad shows off Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 logo

Well what do we have here? A new Verizon ad for the Droid Razor MAXX HD phone has a neat little picture on it that you gamers out there may be interested in. Back in November of last year, we reported on the fact that Capcom was apparently working on bringing Lost Planet 2 to Android but in that article we were under the impression it would be coming to Tegra 3 devices first. Well it seems that it will be arriving on a Snapdragon based device first instead, that being the Droid Razor MAXX HD.