Invictus Games begins teasing Race of Champions World for Android

Last year at around this time, Invictus Games began teasing their first racing game based off of the actual real life event called Race of Champions. Well a year has passed and now Invictus Games has begun teasing everyone with a new addition to the series which will be called Race of Champions World. For those of you not familiar with what the actual event is, let us explain.

The Race of Champions brings together all the champions of all the major racing circuits such as NASCAR, WRC, Formula 1 and so on, and pits them against each other in different types of races and tracks to see who is the overall champion in race car driving in the world. It’s actually pretty crazy stuff. Last year it took place in Germany and this year it will be taking place in Bangkok on December 14-16, 2012. The mobile game mimics this event by letting you play against other drivers in all of the different racing styles and courses.

Last year’s Race of Champions game featured some impressive visuals and rather good gameplay. This year we don’t know a whole lot about it just yet since Invictus Games has only released this one promo image and nothing else. However, we will be sure to post an update when more details emerge.

Thanks to Nabil L. for the tip!

Website Referenced: Race of Champions Game Facebook

Official Event Website: Race of Champions

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