2XL Games releases another motocross title called 2XL Supercross HD

The developers of the official Ricky Carmichael motocross game for Android have come back and released another motocross game, this time it is called 2XL Supercross HD. According to the developers, this is an upgraded version of their 2XL Supercross game but now with high-definition graphics. Interestingly enough, 2XL Supercross isn’t on Google Play, only this HD version.

If you have played any of 2XL Games’ past motocross titles then you already know what to expect from them. For those new to their games, everything is rendered in some rather solid 3D visions and this particular title has both Supercross and Freestyle tracks available to race on. You can race against seven other bikes on courses designed by Motocross champion Stephane Roncada.

2XL Supercross HD Features:

– Supercross and Freestyle tracks designed by Motocross champion Stephane Roncada
– 3 modes of play: Time Trials, Practice and Racing
– Select your appearance from hundreds of different bike and rider combinations
– Race with up to 8 bikes and riders
– 4 camera views including first person with handle bars
– Select from 8 preset control schemes
– Responsive tilt steering interface with tune-able sensitivities
– Adjustable level of difficulty
– Comprehensive in-game help

For those of you who like a specific type of control scheme when it comes to games like this, 2XL Supercross HD has eight different schemes for you to choose from as well as being about to tune the sensitivity if you use tilt steering. If you’re ready to dive right into the mix, you can grab 2XL Supercross HD off of the Google Play store for $4.99.

Google Play Link: 2XL Supercross HD

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