Day: March 26, 2013

Game News

Square Enix’s CEO Yoichi Wada to step down in June

Another executive will be stepping down from their position soon but this time it is the Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada who will be leaving. The reason for the CEO to step down? Square Enix has had a pretty rough time with sales for some of their games, slashing their internal sales goal in order after games like Hitman: Absolution didn’t sell as good as it should have.

Game News

Fieldrunners 2 will be coming to Android next month, beta sign-ups live

Subatomic Studios has announced that the sequel to their hit tower defense game Fieldrunners will finally be making its way to Android devices next month. The announcement was made over on the company’s blog and along with the announcement of the game’s arrival to Android was the arrival of beta sign-ups for those of you who want to try to get into the beta for Fieldrunners 2.

Game News

Sony allowing in-alpha game purchases on Playstation platforms

Indie developers who are working on their games and want to have their next title available on Playstation platforms have a little bit more flexibility now as Sony will allow for game to be sold to customers even if the title is in an Alpha stage of development. Normally buying into a game that is in an alpha stage wouldn’t be something people would normally want to do, say 10 years ago or even 7 years ago, but now it’s a more widely accepted practice, especially after the success of Minecraft.