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Epic Games shows off some high-end mobile visuals with Unreal Engine 4

About a week ago we reported on a sort of demo game from Epic which was released onto Google Play to show the flexibility of their Unreal Engine 4 in regards to mobile game development. Tappy Bird was the full demonstration game that they released and while it may not have been a massive buffet of visual eye candy, it did do the trick in some ways to show that you don’t need to be a massively experienced programmer to use Unreal Engine 4.

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[GDC 2014] Qualcomm’s new video shows us visuals made with Unreal Engine 4 on mobile devices

Qualcomm has released a new video showing how Epic is bringing high-end game graphics to mobile with the newest iteration of their Unreal Engine. Even though this is basically a demo reel showing off some rendered landscapes made with Unreal Engine 4, they are still impressive, especially when you take into account that these environments are on a mobile device.

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Angry Birds Epic, the newly teased game from Rovio, will actually be a turn-based RPG title

The other day Rovio began teasing a new Angry Birds game, emphasizing the word ‘epic’ about twenty times in the process. Well more details are out and guess what this game is called? Angry Birds Epic. Go figure right? Well that may not have blown your mind but the fact that this new Angry Birds game is apparently a turn-based RPG will most likely do the trick.

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Rovio teases another new Angry Birds game that’s coming soon. This time it looks medieval.

Rovio has already begun teasing a new Angry Birds game as of last month called Angry Birds Stella which will apparently feature a whole new art style within a game that will address some real world issues. Essentially a morally conscience Angry Birds game. Now that company is teasing another new Angry Birds title which they are boasting will be quite the ‘epic’ game when it arrives.