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Epic Confirms Plans to Bring the Epic Games Store to Mobile

In an interview with Gamespot, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has reiterated the company’s plans to bring the Epic Games Store to mobile in the future. 

“We’d like to bring the Store to iOS,” he said, “and we will bring it to Android.

The mega-successful Fortnite developer brought the Epic Games Store to PC in late 2018, putting it in direct and conspicuous competition with Valve’s juggernaut Steam platform. Since then the service has maintained a degree of interest among PC gamers by giving away at least one game every week.


After a long and highly publicised battle with Google, Epic recently capitulated and made Fortnite Mobile available through the Google Play Store. The company is still keen on controlling its own distribution, however, and in bringing other developers along for the ride.

If it means a free Android game a week, we’re all for it.

Source: Gaming on Phone

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