Fortnite-gate: Google Will Attempt to Have Epic’s Antitrust Lawsuit Dismissed

Fortnite Android

Google has filed a motion in California seeking to have Epic’s antitrust motion dismissed.

A recap: last month, Fortnite developer Epic provoked Google and Apple by offering in-game currency direct to gamers at a discount, thus depriving the store operators of their respective 30% cuts.

In retaliation, both Google and Apple yanked Fortnite from their stores, prompting Epic to file antitrust motions against both of them.

Fortnite Android

While Apple and Epic have been involved in their own tussle, Google has launched its latest salvo in this high stakes corporate melee by seeking to have Epic’s motion dismissed.

In the main, however, it appears that Google is playing a slightly more cautious game than Apple, letting the iOS behemoth trade the first blows with Epic before finalizing its strategy based on the outcome of that tussle.

Source: Android Police

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