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Microsoft Comes Out in Support of Epic’s Legal Action Against Apple

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Microsoft has come out in support of Epic Games in the company’s highly publicised battle with Apple over the status of Fortnite, which was recently removed from the App Store, prompting Epic to file an antitrust lawsuit.

While not strictly Android-related, this development may well have implications for Android gamers as well as iOS gamers. 

Kevin Gammill, Microsoft’s General Manager of Gaming Development Experiences, submitted an official declaration in support of Epic Games’s motion for a temporary restraining order.

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He did so because Apple has gone for a scorched earth approach with Epic Games, removing not only Fortnite but all games that use Epic’s Unreal Engine. That list includes Forza Street, which is published by – you guessed it – Microsoft. 

Of course, Forza Street can exist unmolested on the Google Play Store, as Google hasn’t taken the same hard line as Apple, but the outcome of this maneuver will probably give us a good idea of the outcome overall. 

Or not. Stay tuned for the next twist.

Source: Android Police

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