Multi-Game Giveaway Is Over

Our multi-game giveaway week has come to a close finally and it was a huge success! A lot of people won prizes and while this giveaway is over, we are already gearing up to announce our new one coming up shortly! As I mentioned the other day, any unclaimed prizes from this will be tossed back into the pot and we are going to blitz them out tomorrow!

That’s right, tomorrow (Thursday) we are going to just randomly hand out any prizes we still have. This includes anyone who has previously won already! How are we going to do this? Good question and when I iron out the details I’ll post them but it will probably be along the same lines as how we did this giveaway, just a lot faster. This will only last for part of the day and if by some weird reason we still have prizes left then they will just go back to the developers!

The original list of winners has been edited and the names of winners that haven’t claimed their prizes have been striked through. This doesn’t mean you still can’t win during the blitz.

For information regarding prizes you can check out our original announcement or any other post related to the giveaway. Again, I’d like to thank our sponsors for helping out with the contest!

Giveaway Sponsors

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