My Paper Airplane 2

Wavecade has developed some really original games for the Android platform such as Pokanoid, Frogly and My Paper Airplane. If you enjoyed the first My Paper Airplane then you will really like My Paper Airplane 2. More based around a track with obstacles, the second addition to this title seems to be much improved upon over the first installment.

The controls for this game are simple, tilt your phone in the direction you want to go in order to dodge the obstacles in your way as you race down each track. Collecting starts will boost your points with multipliers so the more stars you get, the higher your multiplier is and the more points you earn. The controls are smooth and work great but if you need to calibrate/reset them you can do so at any time by pressing the Reset Controls button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Graphics are some great, fast rendering 3D eye candy which, as you race, really give off the impression of going fast. These types of graphics should render fine on older generation Android phones but as with any 3D game, you may see slightly better performance on newer Android devices.


  • 5 Unique locations
  • 16 Levels
  • Power-ups and Stars to increase your points via multipliers
  • Great 3D graphic
  • Tilt Controls
  • Dynamic level generation


Each stage seems to be slightly different each time you play it giving this game a lot of replay value. This is definitely more of a casual gamers type of game then a game for the hardcore players but if you want a break and something less demanding than this game is one to seriously considering getting for your collection.

You can try the game by downloading the Lite version off the Android market for free or just go and grab the full version for $3.99USD. Definitely an easy-going but fun game to play.

Developer Website: Wavecade

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