N3V Games releases new trailer for Dead on Arrival, looks pretty slick

Do the names N3V Games or Dead on Arrival sound familiar? They should as N3V Games has already developers and released a couple of games on Android for Tegra 2 devices called My First Trainz Set and the more hardcore Trainz simulator. We mentioned back in July that they were working on a mass zombie killing title called Dead on Arrival.

After we posted about Dead on Arrival being developed by n3V Games back in the Summer, we tried to keep an eye out for development as they looked like they were going to be keeping an up-to-date development blog, via videos, going throughout the game’s development. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and we haven’t heard a whole lot since then about this mass zombie killing game where you will be heavily armed and mowing down zombies.


  • Face paced action survival shooter
  • Survive massive waves of zombies!
  • Purchase loads of weapons to defend yourself with
  • Border up doors to keep some of the zombies out for a short moment
  • Unlock rooms to move the fight into, each room holds a different weapon to purchase.
  • Look for the random box which holds the most powerful guns! Doesn’t mean you will always get them though.
  • Massive hospital level to explore and defence yourself
  • Tutorial level to help explain the gameplay while also giving you access to explore the power of each gun
  • Full 3D action and gore theme set in high detailed graphics perfect for mobile!


The crew at N3V Games, who are actually really cool guys when we met them during GDC 2011, have decided to drop a new trailer for Dead on Arrival and guess what, the game still looks pretty slick. Apparently Dead on Arrival will land on the Xperia Play November 17th, 2011 and be exclusive to that device for a short period of time, probably the standard month. After that it will be available to everyone else. Pricing? It will be free (probably with optional in-game payments).

Developer Website: N3V Games

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