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Dead on Arrival 2 closed beta ends, game launched as temporary limited release. Ouya version confirmed coming soon.

Since the middle of July we have been partnered up with N3V Games to be the official hosts for the closed beta for their upcoming game Dead on Arrival 2. Well the closed beta has officially come to a close after all this time and now the game has officially been released in a location-specific soft launch, making the game now available to residents to Australia and New Zealand.


Mid-Week Android Game Sale Round-Up: Sprinkle Islands, Heist The Score, Worms 2 and more

Now that there is a small break in all the events and shows going on this Fall we are able to get back to some of our ongoing series of articles such as rounding up all the Android games on sale during the middle of each week as well as the end of the week. This mid-week round-up has some pretty solid games on sale right now for anyone interested in picking up a game or two.


[Updated] Exclusive: Want in on the Dead on Arrival 2 multiplayer beta? Well we’re the official hosts!

N3V Games and DroidGamers have teamed up to host the official open beta for the multiplayer gameplay for N3V Games upcoming title Dead on Arrival 2. We’ve talked about this game a few times in the past since we got wind of it, with the closed beta phases having been going on the past couple of months already. However it is time to expand and really test out the multiplayer gameplay for Dead on Arrival 2.


Developers: Your game’s icon could be holding you back on sales

A few days ago we received an email from our friends at N3V Games regarding a post on their blog about how changing their icon for their Trainz simulation series of games had substantially increased their sales across all platforms. We have talked about icons briefly in the past and how a good icon helps and N3V Games has provided a real world example of how it does help to have a good icon.