N3V Games releases their zombie-filled sequel Dead on Arrival 2 worldwide for all to play

Having been in a closed beta before moving on to an open beta and a limited location release for testing purposes, N3V Games and the sequel to their zombie-filled survival shooter Dead on Arrival 2 have officially launched worldwide for all to download and start playing whether it be solo or through multiplayer.

For those of you unfamiliar with this game, Dead on Arrival 2 is the newest installment into the Dead on Arrival franchise and features both single-player and multiplayer content. This is a top-down dual-stick shooter game with a plethora of weapons and power-ups you can unlock and use through the money you earn mowing down zombies.

Dead on Arrival 2 Features:

– Fast paced survival action mayhem against massive waves of the undead
– Fight alone or as a team in 4-man multiplayer mode
– Intuitive dynamic thumbstick controls for walking, running, aiming and shooting
– Unlock new areas containing deadlier weapons to help you stay alive
– Use powerful weapons to take down Special Infected zombie mutations
– Search for the “random box” and destroy your enemies with the most powerful guns
– Upgrade weapons, armor and ammo at any time
– Unlock powerful MODS to increase power and improve your survival chances
– Full 3D action with the most advanced gory effects

This game is not exclusive to Tegra-based devices although if you are running a Tegra 4 Android device then you will be treated to some extra visual goodies. Regardless of what device you are running the game on though, the visuals are pretty solid although the developer do not recommend playing this game on any device that is older than a Tegra 2 device or its equivalent.

Lastly, Dead on Arrival 2 supports all controllers which means all you gamers who use a controller should be happy. Dead on Arrival 2 is available for download off of Google Play for free and does contain IAPs for extra in-game cash should you not want to wait to earn it through playing the game. We’re keeping an eye out for the Ouya version’s release as well.

Google Play Link: Dead on Arrival 2

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