Day: 23 April 2013


Amiga Forever Essentials makes emulating the Amiga a lot easier

While there are a fair number of Amiga emulators on Android already, using them can be a bit of a pain. This is especially true if you’re not technically fluent in running an emulator aside from loading up a game. The Amiga emulators generally provide a bit more of a challenge since most of the ones available do not come with their own file system. This means you have to provide one yourself, so if you aren’t that experienced with an emulator of this nature, you were kind of left out in the dark.


Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 available in English but only on the Samsung App Store

The last time we talked about Capcom and their Resident Evil 4 it was to let everyone know that it was available on Google Play but only for folks who happen to live in Japan or those of you who happen to use Market Enabler and can read Japanese. Well there is good news for everyone else who happen to not fall into either of those two categories, Resident Evil 4 is now available in English. However, there is one catch.


Pocket Galaxy MMO begins its closed beta phase, enter to win one of 500 beta keys

A new MMO Action-RPG game is heading our way soon called Pocket Galaxy. developed by MMOJoe and published by Spectacle Games, Pocket Galaxy is a full cross-platform MMO Action-RPG where players can choose to play as one of two available factions: The Varians or The Shards. Once you pick which faction you want to play as you will begin your journey of dominance in the futuristic MMO themed game where you’ll be flying your ship, fighting enemies and harvesting resources.


More details emerge about Gaijin Entertainment’s upcoming MMO War Thunder Mobile: Battle Skies

Last week we reported on Gaijin Entertainment who has a PC MMO opening up for a beta run for US players and during that announcement it was also mentioned that the company had started working on a mobile version of War Thunder. Well we now have more details about the mobile version of War Thunder and it is starting to sound like a much bigger game than it was originally made out to be.